How to Send Custom SMS without showing your number in India | Send SMS with Fake Number without any App 2021

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SMS is the mobile service that opened the door for personal messengers like WhatsApp, BBM etc. The sms though still has its advantages when it comes to instant messaging. Sms can be sent to any mobile , any where, provided that there is some connectivity available to the mobile or Cellphone in that region.

The service is widely used to convey messages, send important content, contact emergency services, and also to activate various other cellphone services. An SMS can contain web links, web addresses, alphabets, numbers and many other characters. An Sms that contains any type of multimedia content is called an MMS, and works on the same Principle as an Sms. It can be sent as a message to all compatible mobile devices , given that the devices have the ability to receive and send MMS activated via their operator/ Carrier.

AFreeSms allows you to send messages worldwide through its portal. You can simply open the site and start sending messages without any registration or verification. This can help you save a lot of time and reach a large amount of audience. You can use it to communicate with consumers overseas, or simply send messages to known receivers globally. The service is available in North America, Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and Oceania , which pretty much covers the whole world. The service is completely free and can be used as many times as u like, under the pretense that you follow the restrictions of fair usage. To summarize AFreeSms is one of the best free global messaging websites that helps you send text messages globally.


Here is the video tutorial.

Visit AFreeSMS website.

Tushar Soni

Tushar Soni

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